5 Crucial Traits of Highly Effective Managers – Have You Got These All?

There are some managers who are good at inspiring and motivating their subordinates to win their confidence and loyalty, but many fail miserably to do so. An employee leaves his/her position often because of bad bosses or the working environment. People leave people and not an organization. There are so many “bad managers” out there to present themselves as cases, so why can’t we learn and understand how to be more effective?MBA colleges with various management development programmes teach, that an effective manager is remembered as a mentor to his/her subordinates. An effective manager holds himself/herself accountable for the success of each within his team along with ensuring that the team achieves the expected business results. Effective managers require both natural talents as well as acquired skills. Managerial skills are developed by individuals and organizations through training, mentoring and industry experience. Best management institutes also use various management development programmes to develop these skills.Effective management can work wonders for any organization. Successful businesses are typically ones who identify and develop effective managers. The five common managerial traits include communication, leadership, adaptability, relationships, development of others, and personal development.1. A Great Communicator – A successful manager is typically the one who is a great communicator. A manager with good communication skills can instruct as well as listen to great effect. Effective managers are those who are apt at deciphering, understanding and then relating the organizational message back to their subordinates. Managers who can communicate effectively can disperse their messages clearly to their teams. On the other hand, lack of effective communication can lead to chaos and lack of accountability in an organization.2. A Good Leader – Leadership is an indispensable attribute for all the managers. In the real world, we find that many managers lack this crucial attribute despite their job titles. Remember, this is not necessary that the best salesman makes the best manager. True leaders are those who can inspire trust, provide directions and set accountability amongst team members.3. Adaptable – A good manager must be adaptable. The ability to adapt contributes to a manager’s effectiveness in discharging his/her responsibilities. When a manager can adjust quickly to unexpected circumstances, (s)he can lead his/her team to adapt as well. This helps an effective manager help his/her team adapt to unexpected circumstances and think out of the box.4. Mentoring the team – An effective manager is essentially a mentor for his/her team. Developing others involves cultivating each individual’s talents, and motivating them to channel their talents toward productivity. This helps the individuals in careering pathing and the manager gets everything out of the existing resources.5. Upgrading themselves – Finally, an effective boss is one who is aware of his/her personal development. Such managers do not let themselves go obsolete. In order to successfully develop and lead others over time, managers must keep upgrading themselves in terms of skills and experiences.Many management institutes like Asia – Pacific Institute of Management believe that an effective management is the backbone of a successful organization and comprises of the above-mentioned key components. Individuals and organizations need to recognize these traits to be able to develop good managers.

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